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Default Re: Pick a quality you think is underrated or overlooked in an ATG or personal favori

Originally Posted by Bogotazo View Post
Lots of times a fighter can get overly criticized for a certain dynamic of the game, or wrongly interpreted as relying on other aspects to make up for it. List some you think don't get enough mention.

For me:

Roy Jones Jr. : technical ability and Ring IQ. He was more than athleticism and new how to set traps and control the distance while punching with great torque and form.

Juan Manuel Marquez: Defense. His early days he was quite elusive, and even now he is constantly ad******g his game for younger pressure fighters and shows good head movement and defensive body positioning.

Mosley: Boxing IQ. Sure, he wasn't a master boxer, but he was not a dumb fighter and new how to lure boxers into dropping their guard or falling into place for a counter-punch. It often looks like he's outspeeding a lot of fighters but he puts them into position with proper footwork and smarts.

Nicolino Locche: Toughness. While he was a defensive master, Locche took a fair share of punishment against the likes of Cervantes for example. When kept at the end of those long hard punches, Locche showed he was not defensive out of fear or weakness of constitution.

Duran: Patience. It's hard to ever underrate Duran since all aspects of his game have been gratuitously praised, but as a personal characteristic in the ring, Duran showed the patience to wait for the right opening for an engagement of aggression or counter (usually the right hand.) His timing in circumstances where he couldn't control the space in close (Hagler comes to mind) showcase the calm of a veteran fighter and natural thinker. As he said "If you don't use your head in the ring you're a piece of ****." Even against Hagler, his cool under fire and technical prowess showed even a past-prime Duran is better than most fighters who ever lived.
Good post.

I think Ali gets even more underrated than Roy in terms of technical quality, though. Those that try to put him in the same category as Hamed should be banned for at least two months! A week for labeling him with Roy even.
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