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Default Re: How good was Dempseys totle reign?Lets look at who he fought. Willard-In many pe

Originally Posted by burt bienstock View Post
A couple of observations : Greb was so damn active during those days, that there wasn't a ground swell demand for the 160 pound dynamo to fight Jack Dempsey. I seldom ,as a boy read about Dempsey refusing to fight Greb,it
became a source of conversation many years later IMO. Why in the world would Jack Kearns,want this bout ? If Dempsey KO'd Greb, [and Greb in statements admitted that,"after 5 or more rounds Jack would kill me "] ,
the boxing world would cry out, "Dempsey's expected to ko middleweights,
for crying out loud ". It was a no win situation for Dempsey and Kearns..
Of course Dempsey never fought Harry Wills, though they signed for a bout for promoter Floyd Fitzpatrick, which was canceled because Fitzpatrick
couldn't come up with the money,and Harry Wills pocketed the deposit money. So Dempsey always get the rap for this cancellation, even though
the prime Dempsey would have been a prohibitive favorite to win, when Jack Sharkey beat Wills and Paolino Uzcudun kod Wills, soon after, most likely proved...
What is amazing is that the 160 pound, "seven year itch ", Greb was even considered in this post,as being the best oponent for the Heavyweight Dempsey,at that time !
Like wanting to match-up a Marvin Hagler or Carlos Monzon ,with a prime Joe Louis. So highly is Harry Greb rated...Amazing man was Greb to EVEN fight 300 bouts...His record and unique style can never be duplicated...
Great post, burt.
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