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Default Re: How good was Dempseys totle reign?Lets look at who he fought. Willard-In many pe

Originally Posted by quarry View Post
JAB & McGrain... you have no evidence to back-up anything you are claiming here only your own assumptions.
I presented a huge post containing evidence on the prior page. You've engaged with exactly zero of it.

1/. if a poll was held in Manchester in 2008 asking who should be next to fight David Haye - Wlad or Hatton the poll would read 4-1 Hatton.
You can dismiss the poll if you like. Several have. All are Dempsey fundamentalists. The rest of the posters seem to understand that the poll carries at least some weight. I don't care either way.

What you can't dismiss is the mass of coverage that the proposed fight received. There are plenty of articles from other towns covering the possibility of the fight with some excitement. If nobody wanted to see the fight a hell of a lot of pressmen wasted a hell of a lot of ink on a hell of a lot of coverage of the proposed fight and the tortured attempts to make it over and over again for absolutely no reason.

2/. What you repeatedly leave out of your argument is that when Greb sparred with Dempsey they wore 16oz gloves not 4oz used in prizefights.
I think the fact that Dempsey never put a glove on Greb, was cut, humiliated and outsped to the point where he was withdrawn from the sparring is much more important, but I could see why a man in your position would want to concentrate on this small detail more than any other.

3/. you ignore the fact that Gene Tunney beat Greb and had to wait years for his title fight with Dempsey.
How is it relevant when Greb was chasing Dempsey for five years before Tunney beat him and for six years before he beat him definitively, and five before he was able to beat him without the result being labelled at least by some as a "robbery"?

5/. you ignore the claim of Harry Greb that in his own words he thought Dempsey would beat him.
Do you have a source for this quote?


The reason?

One has never been provided.

This is something that Burt, a huge Dempsey fan, claims to have read many years ago. I don't call Burt a liar. I like the guy. But I think he could be mistaken.

Either way, it doesn't really matter unless you think it means that Louis would always lose to Marciano, Jeffries would always lose to Johnson etc etc because all of these men and more have had similar quotes attributed to them.

everything you both have claimed on this topic is only your own assumptions
On the contrary, you have been presented with a volume of facts about the Dempsey duck of Greb and completely failed to deal with any of them.

with those assumptions never being voiced by any boxing historian
Some of us like to do our own work around here.

And this isn't even true. Klompton and Paxton will both disagree with you vehemently (And each other )

Just because you've never read what they say doesn't mean it wasn't said.

and you ignore any links which show historians rate Dempsey as the greatest fighter who ever lived
I have no idea what this had to do with his having ducked Greb?

And i'm ignoring them because i've read them all before.

yet you post links by those same historians to back-up your arguments on other topics
Can you show me an example?
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