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Default Re: How good was Dempseys totle reign?Lets look at who he fought. Willard-In many pe

Originally Posted by JAB5239 View Post
The difference is that you're close minded with inflexible opinions who can't justify an A+ rating for Dempseys reign. Most exciting doesn't justify weak comp.

Most knock downs and the (arguably) worst heavyweight champion doesn't justify weak comp.

Long counts and gate receipts don't justify weak comp. Well, maybe gate receipts do, but it doesn't change the fact.
So what you are saying here is that Gene Tunney was "weak comp"?

Luois Angel Firpo was undeserving & weak comp?

Willard should not have been champion by dethroning Johnson?

you obviously know nothing whatsoever about Jess Willard, Gene Tunney or Louis Firpo

again you avoided the 5 points i listed, choosing to just ignore them

To claim Carpentier as "weak comp" is laughable. Carpentier was thought by many at ringside to be the victor over Jeanette... did Greb ever fight Jeanette, Willard, Tate, Godfrey, Langford, Carpentier, Firpo, Wills?

Carpentier fought at 175+ Greb fought 159-168
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