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Default Re: How good was Dempsey title reign Let's look at who he fought. Willard-In many pe

Originally Posted by McGrain View Post

If Greb is to small, Carpantier is to small.

If Carpantier is big enough to fight, so is Greb.

Can't have it both ways.
I agree.
Carpentier was too small - it's said that Tex Rickard and Carpentier's camp kept him at a safe distance from any press men who were likely to note in print how small the Frenchman was, in case it hurt the gate.

But Carpentier was the biggest potential box-office attraction, especially with the war hero/draft dodger angle that Tex envisaged and promoted.

Harry Greb being "too small" or "not too small" was obviously a talking point at the time.
Dempsey called him "too small" after the 1922 Greb-Gibbons go, but he might have been using it as a euphemism for "too good" ! On the other hand, Dempsey's win over Carpentier was downgraded after the event by several press men ands fans who decided it was a mismatch because Carpentier was "just a middleweight".
It's probably a bit of both.
Interestingly, Harry Wills refused to fight Gene Tunney in 1926 with the excuse, "he's too small for me", although he'd been fighting men of Tunney's size and smaller for years.
I guess it was a stock excuse for heavyweights back then. You end up getting more credit for beating big guys anyway, I guess.
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