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Default Re: When did you get caught in the hype?

Originally Posted by deram
Calzaghe should not 'wait' for the younger guys. I am no way suggesting that. However, with two unusually clear top fighters in the division it will look VERY bad if Calzaghe once again does not fight the other guy.

LHW comes a distant second - but granted - still ahead of waiting for the young guns to blossom. At LHW there is imo. pretty much only two fights that people will not look down on in hindsight. That is Dawson or the winner of Winky-Hopkins. Pretty much everyone else is worse than staying at SMW accumulating defenses. After all Calzaghe will have to give up his "longest reigning champ in boxing" if he moves up.

Either way - Kessler is an absolute must for Calzaghe. After that he can think about LHW.
I agree. No argument here.
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