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Default Re: Scott Coker demoted......

I'm pretty sure that was my point actually.

You were the one passing off speculation that somebody had been installed above Scott Coker as fact.

You are the one jumping to conclusions about the nature of his role.

You are the one rushing to pronounced the promotion dead and buried.

All I was saying that there is no evidence of any changes beyond the back-end changes that Zuffa always said they would make and are likely to be beneficial. Coker has been given the same title that Reed Harris had when he was autonomously running WEC. There is no evidence that he is reporting to anybody other than the owners of the company.

Maybe they will shut down Strikeforce within the next twelve months. Maybe they'll take all the championships away. And maybe both decisions are the sensible course of action. But until something happens let's not rush to conclusions because one guy has had his title changed when there's no evidence his role has actually changed with it.
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