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Default Do you think Black vs Red gloves affect reaction time?

There is a lot of science explaining the nature of our reflexes and sight-based reaction. Red is the most alarming color to us, evolutionarily, and probably has a comparative spike in its affect on our reactions to its movement. Because boxers operate on such high levels of reactive cognition, do you think that if there were an experiment collecting the average reaction times to punches thrown by a Red vs. Black glove, that participants reacting to Red gloves would reveal faster reactions?

Those split seconds count in the sport arguably more than any other, and I'm intrigued by the concept that perhaps the color of the glove may impact how quickly our brains can process and transmit the signals to initiate a physical response.

Sorry if this seems out of wack in training, I figure it was the best fit forum. I appreciate any responses & opinions you guys could give me.
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