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Default Re: Do you think Black vs Red gloves affect reaction time?

Red is rooted in every individual (not only human beings) as the color for blood, it is the most exciting color in many ways, for instance think of some monkeys' genital area ripening into a conspicuous red glow when they get horny, for their ***mates to get horny as well.
So I think there's something very profound and pre-conscious about it, and it's no bull**** question at all, I mean, some statistical studies should be done and they could probably prove some facts about fighters in the red vs in the blue corner, or bouts with a boxer wearing red gloves vs another wearing black ones - in this respect, I do prefer both fighters wearing the same glove color, just to make sure
- and, just for comic relief, one could also ask: most girls get wet down there at the sight of males clad in boxing gear, but do chicks get more aroused with red gloves?
(part joking)
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