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Default Re: Don King answer my question Why fight Chagaev - İbragimov ??

Originally Posted by sinan58
Chagaev is moslim, İbragimov is moslim too. Christian Don King don't want two moslim World Champion. İ think for that Chagaev must fight İbragimov. Maskaev fight Okhello. Who is Okhello who know Okhello ? Why İbragimov and Chagaev don't fight more weak boxrec ??

Why the hell do you jester post your bizarre statements here on esb?

Obviously you have no clue what you are talking about.
Both Ibragimov and Chagaev are typcial products of the old soviet union.
Allah didnt and doesnt mean that much in most countries of the former soviet union,mate!Both fighters dont stem from saudi-arabia.
Well,at those times when the old soviet union still existed it was quite common to meet a man-lets say from Dagesthan-in Estonia married to a tartar women from Kasan.
Chagaev's wife is from Armenia,and both live in Uzbekistan.However,they speak russian at home.
Muselman or not I am quite sure that Chagaev gives a damn whether he has to fight an arab or another muselman.Ibragimov surely is a different cup of tea.They know each other,and both fighters stem from the more or less cultural background.
I very much hope that Chagaev vs Ibragimov wont turn out to be a repitition of Chagaev vs Virchis(both are stablemate,and probably friends ,too-apart fromt he last and final 12 round they just refused to fight each other).
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