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Default Re: West Yorkshiremen: Degale/Groves

It's usually alright apart from Saturdays, because it doesn't get rammed. There's still enough people in there though.

Some Saturdays are alright too, if half of Beeston and Morley are in there, because I know pretty much everyone and if it does go off you've got safety in numbers

The bouncers are ****ing useless, we got turned away once for wearing trainers, but they let a group of lads in who were mouthing off in the Q and were obviously after a tear up.

I think the best bouncers are those at the Witherspoons next door, especially the Indian fella with one eye. They're more bothered about what state you're in rather than your footwear.

I agree with you about Sports Bar, we used to go in regularly on Saturday afternoons.... I'd have thought they'd been making megamoney.
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