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Default Re: West Yorkshiremen: Degale/Groves

Originally Posted by Beeston Brawler View Post
Yeah, they may as well call it ''Pillowbiters R Us''

What night do you go to Mission? The one they have most Fridays is pretty good, a fiver in and two quid a drink..... I reckon Insomniac is a bit overrated though, when I went Living Joy were playing, it was a decent night but not worth a tenner in and a fiver a drink.

Like I said I'm barred from Space, but I can't be ****d with fighting and all that ****. I'll jump in if a mate gets started on or something, but more often than not I'll just tell them that it's not a good idea and is it really worth getting arrested just to punch me

That new Witherspoons next to top Yates's is alright I think, there's always some sport on through the day and a few nice birds on a night.... never any knobs in there either.
there just no point it just ends the night

Mission is good on a thursday but ****ing packed. Space is good i went there yesterday and surprise surprise a few fights, two girls started swinging over nothing next to me and i managed to get their drinks and mine all over me. one of my mates was a doorman there so if we go with him we get good treatment.

The hedly verity i think its called (the 'spoons next to yates) is nice all the ****s get drawn into Yates. I ****ing hate that yates there are so many fights there one time this **** sparked some bird this other girl shouted at him so he sparked her, then the first girls boyfriend ran at him and they started fighting on the dancefloor, however you cant go wrong with 1 pints.
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