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Default Re: West Yorkshiremen: Degale/Groves

Originally Posted by Beeston Brawler View Post
Yeah, they may as well call it ''Pillowbiters R Us''

What night do you go to Mission? The one they have most Fridays is pretty good, a fiver in and two quid a drink..... I reckon Insomniac is a bit overrated though, when I went Living Joy were playing, it was a decent night but not worth a tenner in and a fiver a drink.

Like I said I'm barred from Space, but I can't be ****d with fighting and all that ****. I'll jump in if a mate gets started on or something, but more often than not I'll just tell them that it's not a good idea and is it really worth getting arrested just to punch me

That new Witherspoons next to top Yates's is alright I think, there's always some sport on through the day and a few nice birds on a night.... never any knobs in there either.

Usually a Friday or Thursday to mission, both decent nights. Mez is **** on a Saturday- some guy tried to start something the other week by waving a lighter in my face and then booting me as I walked away.

Most places in leeds are decent though.
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