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Default Re: Pick a quality you think is underrated or overlooked in an ATG or personal favori

Originally Posted by Bogotazo View Post
Has anyone ever taken that many consecutive punches from a post-prison Ali and stood on their feet? Ali's not-often-praised punching power, while not ATG power, is enough to lend itself as credit to Frazier's chin.

Possibly Joe Bugner - Besides a decent jab in their first fight,he largely served as Ali's own personal heavy bag in twenty seven rounds between the two.

Being as limited and one-dimensional as he was,Frazier wasn't difficult to hit - but he was pretty decent at taking away the full impact of a blow.Caught clean enough to make a mark,but,usually,not consistently clean enough to the point where he was in danger of a knockout.And as innacurate as Foreman could appear,he had just enough power to make whatever contact his fist made with Frazier's noggin count.

In making a case for him having a good chin,I can point to Wladimir's last fight against the heavy handed Samuel Peter and bring up the fact that he was caught quite a few times on the chin and took the shots well.But,in truth,the only consistent theme regarding Wladimir's chin,is that it's not a particularly strong one.Same thing with Frazier.I simply cannot ignore the fact that,against the one and only puncher he didn't manage to avoid,he was embarrassingly dropped half a dozen times in two rounds.
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