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Default Re: When did you get caught in the hype?

Originally Posted by BigReg
Judah and Lacy really burned me. I told anyone that would listen that Lacy was a monster. I looked like a total ass after Calzaghe pummeled him. Judah burned me numerous times. I really hyped him up before the Tszyu fight. Not only did he lose but he also disgraced himself by going after the ref., but I still defended him. Then he lost to Spinks and I said it should've been a draw. Then he lost Baldomir, and I said he just wasn't focused. After the Floyd fight, there were no more excuses. Unlike his other losses, he suffered a sustained beating in this fight. And once again he disgraced himself. When he fought Cotto, I still rooted for him but I knew he didn't have the mental fortitude to win the fight.
Judah doesn't really apply. Could, I guess, if you interpret hype to mean predicting all sorts of accomplishments - which I don't. Hype, IMO, means the premature overrating of someone's talent. Judah lived up to his, but was a disappointment in that he failed to accomplish all that he could have.
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