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Default Kessler and Calzaghe both want the fight it's HBO you should blame

All this *****ing that one is scared off the other, it's not true both fighters are ready, but the offers that both camps were offering are unrealistic, for instance Calzaghe wasn't even paid $2 million to fight Jeff Lacy who was like America's up and coming golden boy, so where does the $5 million each or there abouts come from?

****** and Palle want HBO to pay $5 million for the rights of this fight, but HBO say this is way to expensive, while as us boxing fans would say course it's worth it , it's probably the biggest fight in Boxing at the moment. But this fight involves two Europeans who in all are very unexposed to the regualr HBO watcher in the United States. It's such a shame that this is the case, becasue like i say this is the only fight if any i wish to be made this year, it cant be done at a later date, Calzaghe is getting to old. What do you guys think? I know that these two fighters wont fight for much less when they can go get paid the same if not a bit more against the likes of Manfredo. This will be a let down if this fight doesn't happen.

Surely HBO should have the ***** to pay and imo this fight will be class and this will open the gates for one of these guys if not both to fight biger names in the States which will then be a great investment from HBO. Considering they paid around the same amount $5 million for the Mayweather Mitchell mis match surely this is worth it?
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