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Default Re: Pick a quality you think is underrated or overlooked in an ATG or personal favori

Underlooked qualities:

Hearns- defense & left hook to the body

Hopkins- aggressiveness in his prime

Pacquiao- defense to an extent but these past few years yes he upgraded his right hand but I hear no one talk about how well he throws a right hook to the body.

SRL- Not sure if it has been said but he unfairly gets seen as a "flashy pretty boy" but throughout his career he was a killer.

Norris- ability against punchers and chin. Mugabi and Castro could hit but Norris dominated them. With his chin, in 50+ fights he only got ko'd 4 times and only two were in his prime or near prime(one with Julian Jackson).

SRR- technical skills. Yes he was a stone cold killer and arguably the greatest combination puncher of all time but he feinted and set up his punches very well.

RJJ- opposition and chin. He fought just about who he could, not his fault Dariusz lost to Gonzalez(who Roy beat BTW) and Benn and Eubank were past prime. ALL of his ko losses came past his prime with only the Tarver ko loss coming near it. THe rest are when he was faded as ****.

Frazier(first person I'm not a fan of on this list but I respect him)- Durability. Yes we saw Foreman bounce him like a ball but both fights were past his prime and Frazier didn't show that head movement he used to around 68-71. He also lost to arguably the biggest puncher of all times in Foreman, not something to look down upon at all.

Tyson(also not a fan of him but respect him)- ability to dig deep. He didn't fold against Tillis and Ruddock and they did not fear him in the ring. He usually ran through opponents in his prime and if they spoiled he outpointed them so there's not much to test him but when they did(except later in his career against Holyfield II and when he only fought for money) he fought back and didn't look for a way out.
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