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Default Re: Klitschko Vs. Haye: A credible ****ysis

Well written article young lady.

But remember your reading through rose colored glasses so your pen is writing in pink.

Wlad has NEVER has a chin problem. He is just long, and open to be hit from the inside. When he is hit inside, he has to tie up to avoid an interior onslaught which leaves his defenses open for a fighter to step out and put him in range for the bombs.

Over the last several years his strategy has worked without flaw. Haye could potentially get around that, but so could Ibragimov CHagaev Chambers Peter Rahman etc. None did, and her we are.

My take on the fight has more to do with Haye's willingness to take a punch repeatedly.

Wlad best weapon is not his jab, but his hook off the jab. If Haye could take that solid shot repeatedly, he could potential work inside without being tied up, and thus open up Wlads D, [utting him at the end of Hayes power, and stop him.

Thats the only way though, and I can't see Haye walking through Wlads hooks and into the inside. No, instead I see him trying to potshot from the outside, one or two at a time and trying to drag Wald into the later rounds.

It aint gonna work, because Wlad typically is at his strongest around the 5th and 6th, when he has his range and starts firing straights.

My offical prediction for this fight is Wlad by KO around 7, that is if Haye actually employs his only winning strategy and fights from the outside.
If he goes right at Wlad, he'll be KOd inside 3.
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