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Default Re: Klitschko Vs. Haye: A credible ****ysis

Originally Posted by Jennifer Love Hewitt View Post
I disagree with the bolded points.
Haye's Ring IQ is okay, not brilliant, but decent. He makes adjustments, and has been shown to use different game plans.

Wald's footwork is not great. It's adequate. He can't use angles, and he only moves forward and back. His feet are not that fast either, but he's so big, that a slight step back puts him way out of range. Moreover, Wlad has a tough time punching and moving. He really needs to set himself to throw a punch.

Wlad is not very good at cutting off the ring. This plays into the previous point, of how he only fights in straight lines. The few opponets that did use movement, were ablte to saty away from him, but he's so big that while they can stay way, they can't get into attacking range.

Wlad's stamina is okay. Really what he is better at is pacing. Again due to his size, he can control the pace due to clinches and staying far away.

Wlad has a very low ring IQ. He only fights one way, he does not make any adjustments, he does not vary his punch angles. He does not realize when an opponent is finished. He has one plan, and his all purpose contingency plan is to hold. It works, but a great tactician, he is not.

Other then that, you are probably right. Wlad will most likely KO Haye, due to Haye being kind of chinn with bad stamina, and Wlad being helluva big puncher.
thanks for the reply.
haye of course has good ring iq, he wouldn't be cruiserweight champ and titleholder at heavy without ring iq, but it's not special.
wlad' footwork is imo great because he is so tall and just needs a couple of steps to cut off the ring and to put pressure on his opponent.
yeah he learned to pace himself, and he normaly force everyone to fight his fight and then his stamina is very good.
i think that he has very good ring iq, you can't compare it to his brother, who practically fights alone, without the corner, but wlad is fighting after the gameplan, and he normaly has a couple of gameplans. so if something happes what is kind of surprising he can change his gameplan, but we hadn't the opportunity to witness it because his gameplan A was always enough
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