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Default Re: Klitschko Vs. Haye: A credible ****ysis

Originally Posted by Mordechai View Post
i red it. it's quite okay, but i have a question, why all of you haye fans forget that wladimir is probably the biggest puncher ever and incredible fast for his size. haye has a fragile chin, but i'm sure that wlad's chin is better. the only way to tko wlad is to land several combinations, and not one time, but a couple of times.
great power
incredible fast
fast but bad footwork
bad balance
bad defense
good reflexes
very bad stamina
and mediocore ring iq
mediocore trainer

best possible power
very fast
great and fast footwork
great at cutting off the ring
best jab in business
great defense
very good stamina
very high ring iq
and one of the best trainers

haye won't slip wlad's jab, and from the first flush punch haye will be badly wobbled and wlad will go this time for the kill. i can't see this fight going longer then 5th rounds.

wlad clean ko
Wladimir isn't even the biggest puncher in his family. Let alone ever.
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