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Default Re: Klitschko Vs. Haye: A credible ****ysis

I disagree on Haye having a bad defence because he is very rarely caught flush. Also he struggles against smaller compact fighters not the tall rangey type. An all guns blazing Holyfield none stop punching presure fighter is Haye's nightmare not Wladimir.

His poor trainer has just got Groves past Degale so he is not that poor.

Ring IQ is Haye's game not Wladimir. Wladimir is great at following orders. When you are following Emanuel Steward that is a big plus. I see it as a creative fighter in Haye against Steward in a game chess. If Haye had Roach I would favour Haye. He does not though.

Wladimir does has flaws, great footwork is wrong, average.
Cutting the ring off I think he is decent not great.
He does go back in straight lines. HIs oppentents have not had good footwork.
His stamina is good when he fights his fight same as Haye, neither is great if enough presure is applied.

Key point is Emmanuel Stewards brain against Hayes.

Physical atributes and heart I would favour Haye.

Size, experience, trainer are Wladimirs. His flaws have been worked on more by Emmanuel so again I think Wladimir has the advantage.

Haye was suppose to have stamina issues and not be able to stick to a game plan. He did against Valuev and surprised people. His stamina was suppose to be to poor to last against Ruiz, yet it was. Every time he has flaw which should cost him a fight, the flaw vanishes.

The question is; is it to big a step this time.

Haye over trained against Audley but was so quick in the fight Audley seemed to move in slow motion when he did do something.

Now if you look at Audley's fights he has never had trouble landing against any heavyweight. He was always the quickest guy but hated getting hit. A counter punch basically who is scared to fight against people who can hurt him. I have not seen many of his USA fights anybody got footage just the UK stuff so I am open to correction.

If Wladmir is not a hell of lot quicker than Audley he will need a luck punch. Eddie Chambers and Chageav or Sultan are no where near as quick as Haye across the ring. Standing in front of Wladimir with high european guard is the worse tactic you can go for, as even in Wladmir's amateur days, that was his standard oppentent.
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