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Default Re: NEW Aussie Boxing Tipping Comp

Originally Posted by Dekkers
Before anyone does anything crazy it works like this

2 points for picking the winner, double that if you picked the way it happenned (points or KO).

A joker will double the points of a pick, e.g, 2 becomes 4, 4 becomes 8, (if you pick a draw which is 5 points it becomes 10). There's a 5 point bonus for a perfect week, 10 points bonus for a perfect week plus picking all the KO's and decisions. If there's a draw, it screws everybodies week, but you get a consolation point, but obviously that's the reward for taking the risk in picking a draw.

If it's confusing don't worry, atleast it's consistent, just put in your picks (by decision or KO), and one joker each week, and i'll take care of the rest.
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