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Default Re: Spencer Fearon racist post on Facebook?

Spencer seems a nice guy. But like all of us he has lived his life and been moulded by his experiences. I have debated racism with him on occasion, i feel he always sees racism as something that 'only' happens to black people. Or muslims. But that is because all his experiences of racism have happened because he is black or a muslim.

The question he asked on facebook, now he says it was raised by someone else, a sports star and he just aired it for debate. But his question does not ask if there was racial tension, it asks if that caused Degale to perform badly. The assumption within the question is that there was racial tension. I and no one else i know of thinks there was any. I think Spencer can be forgiven for something not coming across quite right on line. It happens.

I am sure he is not a racist. But his opinions and experiences of life are different from mine so we can see the same events from very different perspectives, his heart is in the right place. He does a lot of good. He is trying to make an impact on his local environment and in a positive way. Is he perfect ? No. But who is.
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