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Default Re: Spencer Fearon racist post on Facebook?

Originally Posted by HMSTempleGarden View Post
"Was racial tension the cause of the bad performance that on the mind of James Degale?"

I hear bull**** questions like this almost weekly where I come from given the situation up here regarding certain football clubs and believe you me ****e like this just add tension not help it.

If he wants to know what racial tension is like at a boxing match then I suggest he goes and watches Kaylor-Christie or Hagler-Minter.

It was a stupid ****ing question and one that I have usually heard coming from Gareth that is a man with a chip on his shoulder.

It has ****ing all with DeGale being part black or white or whatever, its because he is an uneducated, brain dead ****ing **** socket of sub humanity.

It was all those people wearing white clothes and perculiar pointed white hats...

Degale walked past a burger van ffs.

They were caterers not the KKK
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