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Default Re: Spencer Fearon racist post on Facebook?

Originally Posted by HMSTempleGarden View Post
"Was racial tension the cause of the bad performance that on the mind of James Degale?"

I hear bullshit questions like this almost weekly where I come from given the situation up here regarding certain football clubs and believe you me shite like this just add tension not help it.

If he wants to know what racial tension is like at a boxing match then I suggest he goes and watches Kaylor-Christie or Hagler-Minter.

It was a stupid ****ing question and one that I have usually heard coming from Gareth that is a man with a chip on his shoulder.

It has ****ing all with DeGale being part black or white or whatever, its because he is an uneducated, brain dead ****ing **** socket of sub humanity.

It was all those people wearing white clothes and perculiar pointed white hats...

Degale walked past a burger van ffs.

They were caterers not the KKK
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