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Default Re: Spencer Fearon racist post on Facebook?

Is it racist? Yes and no.

The comment itself from Mr Fearon seems unnecessary. But if you trace the origins of his question then you have an answer itself which comes from a racial viewpoint.

"Would DeGale be better received in general if he wasn't black/mixed race?"

The answer is of course no. In general the majority of people will make a judgement or form an opinion of someone based on a) their looks and b) there persona. DeGale is loud and could be perceived as '****y'.

But why is he so '****y'? Simple, he is a successful black man. 90% of successful 'black' people gain confidence from their success against the odds and against the will of 'the all-controlling white man'. This is a genetic fact and comes from years of slavery and it's perfectly understandable for DeGale to have a loud and confident personality, given all that he's achieved so far in his life.

Horse out.
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