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Default Re: Spencer Fearon racist post on Facebook?

Originally Posted by Devaney View Post
Dont talk ****e, people will respect you more if you dont.

Years of slavery, it is 2011 mate, why dont you get over what happened many generations ago, or is it your sole intention to hate the world, and bring your children up to be racist.

Alex Hayley you aint pal, more like Alex the kid from Sega.

****, go darn some socks.
Woah call the pc brigade off please. Why do you think Floyd Mayweather is ****y and arrogant, yet Manny Pacquiao remains humble and honest? Different backgrounds breed different people.

Look this is a touchy issue and I can see why some people could take offense to this so I'm just gonna leave it with this: it's only my opinion. I do not feel I am racist and will apologise for any offense caused.

Horse out.
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