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Default Re: Spencer Fearon racist post on Facebook?

Originally Posted by The.Horse View Post
Woah call the pc brigade off please. Why do you think Floyd Mayweather is ****y and arrogant, yet Manny Pacquiao remains humble and honest? Different backgrounds breed different people.

Look this is a touchy issue and I can see why some people could take offense to this so I'm just gonna leave it with this: it's only my opinion. I do not feel I am racist and will apologise for any offense caused.

Horse out.

It is ****s like you that make these issues "Touchy" as you put it.

Now if you want to go and watch roots every night and blame the world when things do not go your way, because of bygone years, that i may add had no impact on you or your immediate family, yet you always raise the race card.

**** Off and go and tell it to somebody else, do you think it was just mixed race people that had it tough back then, or shoud i say "Back in the day Bro"...

It is people who raise these issues that are the racists, and believe you me i know.

I am White, and i can assure you that i have experienced racial abuse, and i too have grown up with it, i have two black sisters and one black brother, who were all brought up by a white woman and a black man, and are all quite succesful, and ****s like you do not represent them or the majority with your views.

So do not come on here with your bull****, there are people out here who can see through your race card Horse ****.

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