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Default Re: Anyone remember their first sparring session?

The first time I sparred was with my best mate who had been doing kickboxing training solidly for a year. We decided to put on some gloves and have a boxing fight in his back yard which is pretty funny now I look back at it. I actually outboxed him pretty well using faints and was surprised how easy it was considering he'd been in training 3 times a week for a year. I do remember though one point I got caught pretty cleanly on the chin and was taken by surprise how it made me feel. I remember feeling pretty unsteady on my feet momentarily like my brain had just been shaken in my skull; whilst pretending not to be in any difficulty; it seemed a lot worse for some reason than being hit bare knuckle to the face but maybe it was due to where the punch connected. In the end after 5-10 mins we decided to stop fighting as we realised it was getting a bit too dangerous especially without using any mouth guards. My friend thought I was a natural but one thing I realised more than anything was how much my defense sucked & just being physically gym fit is nowhere near the requirement to box.
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