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Default Re: Super Greg Page vs Scott LeDoux....

JT, you're entitled to the courtesy of a reply, so I'm dropping in to offer a comment.

I think the reason behind this lack of response you're missing has largely to do with the fact that two of Greg's most impressive and important wins were largely ignored by the press, specifically, LeDoux and Coetzee.

Unless the match was on network television in the States (I don't recall that it was), or a media hyped superfight event, it wasn't likely to attract wide notice. LeDoux's time in the spotlight really ended with his shot at Holmes (which itself was overshadowed by Ali's ringside antics).

Page/LeDoux took place on the undecard of Berbick/Ali, and the Yankee media largely avoided coverage of that event, being very opposed to the idea of Ali boxing yet again. Even so, Berbick/Ali completely overshadowed Page/LeDoux. (Perhaps they should have switched opponents.)

In sharp contrast to Page/LeDoux, Dokes/Gardiner was broadcast live on free American primetime television, before a wide audience, so even though neither LeDoux or Gardiner were that highly regarded, Gardiner was a new face to American boxing fans, and Dokes shined against this previously unknown (to them) contender.

Greg's most widely viewed performances were the two against Chaplin, the loss to Berbick, the stoppage of Marty Monroe, the decision over Snipes (overshadowed by the ringside antics of Hector Camacho and friend-I think it was another known boxer, but I'd have to dig out my old magazines to look it up), and the later career loss to Orlin Norris.

The mainly left wing American television networks were in strong opposition to South Africa's apartheid policies, so they were inconsistent and uncertain in their coverage of sporting events there which might be seen as a tacit endorsement of it. The fact that Coeztee had spoken out publicly against apartheid further confused whether or not the networks wanted to promote Coetzee, or turn the other way when he fought. It certainly didn't help that Page was on a losing skid, and not expected to beat Coetzee, or that Holmes was regarded as the true HW Champion, and a reliably stable titleholder, at a time when contenders were playing musical chairs with the WBA Title.

When Greg beat Coetzee, it received a single paragraph in the newspapers. Americans simply didn't care about Page, preferring to tune in to see if Larry would be dethroned in his next defense. (While many watched Ali to see him win, during his second career, they generally tuned in hoping to see Holmes lose.) Greg was simply not a charismatic personality, not abrasive as Larry could be, or a Mike Dokes, kissing roses and throwing them to females in the audience as a tribute to his mother. (How ironic, that a young man with such panache, who made so great a public spectacle of honoring females, and behaving respectfully, would ultimately be locked up on a **** conviction!)

In any event JT, that's my take on the apparent lack of interest concerning your thread. You can certainly determine for yourself whether or not my reasoning makes any sense. (But hey, what's worse for most people than being completely ignored? I've taken the time to answer, so my conscience concerning this matter is clear!)
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