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Default Re: What if... Hagler VS Leonard II

Totally depends. I think Hagler would try to force the fight even more and then his natural size would be telling. Would the ring be smaller, would it be 15 rounds?

Hagler not having much left is a total and utter joke. Hagler and Leonard performed magnificently. Both were past their primes but coming out with sensational stuff. Does a finished fighter come out with leaping jabs that display agility, fluidity, sense of range, timing and overall sharpness! I highly doubt it. The fact both had more in reserve and a 6th gear down the stretch show they were not shot or finished.

Ultimately I think Hagler would win but I THINK that. I KNOW Leonard beat him on the night. He rose to the occassion and he performed.

Leonard made no secret of what he would do. He toured the chat show circuit continously having interviews. The same question was asked over and over - what the **** are you doing, you are fighting an animal! Leonard always said I'm not going to go for the ko, I know he is the bigger man. I am going to box him, use my speed, use my skill and take home the deicison. Hagler not cutting off the ring, turning the heat up quicker etc are all his fault and shows a lack of intelligence on his part. That sort of simplicity should have been etched in his mental gameplan as soon as the fight was announced.
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