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Default Re: In case of Vbookie glitch (massive extraneous payouts) - PLEASE READ BEFORE BETTI

The top 3 have all been distorted with the glitch and excess payouts.
Iceman must of lost trillions and he is still up there ffs.
Vbookies[[Healy...Rumsfield...Boxing Girl....TFFP] just seem too busy and leave it all up to just one vbookie[IB] to run everything.
Intentional Butt you do a sterling job mate, but all your work mates are lazy as, and should be sacked for failing to turn up for work once in the last year or so.
I'm only having a sook because i should be number 3 p4p right now and i'm not you *******s
Vbookie ****en rocks anyway, cheers IB i appreciate it, you're a champ.
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