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Default Re: "Larry Merchant and HBO"- Thomas Hauser article

Originally Posted by EpsilonAxis
Why can't Kellerman cut it, though? I personally think he's a fine addition, regardless of whether they get rid of Larry or not.

I think people just really have a connection with Larry since he's been around for so long. I don't see why they have to be "anti-Max".
Max can't carry Larrys Jack Daniels. MAx can commentate but he isn't just behind Larry, he's behind Bernstein and Atlas.

Larry says legendary **** that you guys should absorb. Pre, during or post fight he comes out with gems.

Kellerman lets **** fire and ends up saying REALLY stupid ****. He is a fan boy with a voice i.e. Jones beats Ruiz so suddenly he'd beat Frazier. That is the sort of stupid **** fan boys say when they get excited over a win. Merchant thinks things through, it's blatently the journo in him.

However you look at it, while Larry is alive Max Kellerman shouldn't even be in contention for his spot. It's ludicrous to say the least. Very disrespectful too.

Max appeal to a younger audience? Max appeals to poor quality shows, ill-knwoledge fans and basically brings the game down. MAx is HBO BAD material, not the sort of guy I want to hear when I show my son Hatton-Mayweather in 20 years.

You going to get rid of Max for someone with Larrys sort of experience, the man who has all the journalism experience, the man who was at Ali-Liston, Ali-Foreman, Leonard etc

Max is a step up from those ****s on youtube.

Max can commentate but he ain't no Larry Merchant. There is good and there is great, Larrys great.
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