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Default Re: Berto: There is a reason Ortiz was 165 and walked through my shots.

So it started with Floyd, then Pascal accusing Hopkins and now this ****ing turd is at it.

If Ortiz 'walked through' your shots, he wouldn't have been knocked down twice you ****ing moron. Bitter, misguided, sore-loser.

I hate this ****. Accusing someone of PED use is an easy way out of a fight, or a great excuse for a loss now it seems and every Tom, **** and Harry is going to be at it now. Maybe you were beaten 'cause you're not half as good as you thought you were, Andre. Since when did PEDs improve your chin anyway? ****ing IDIOT.
Black boxers are so good now that if you beat them, you MUST be on PEDs.

Berto is ****ing pathetic, and this accusatory bull**** taking hold in Boxing is doing the sport no favours at all.
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