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Default Re: f*ck this ****, I need energy to train..

Originally Posted by bald_head_slick View Post
How old are you?

Sometimes, as we age, we forget that older means our bodies are slowing down. What you used to do is no longer possible.

If you are approaching 30? You might just need more rest.
34 and half..

i never did what i used to do cause I was fat and lazy in my 20's. I dropped 30 pounds when I was living northern california.

i'm back in vegas and my eating habits when to ****.

****..i get like 10 hours of rest.

I actually have more energy because I'm sort of in shape compared to when I was fat but I think i gained like 8 pounds since moving back 3 months ago.

bought a gym membership a month ago, won 300 dollars the other night. spent it on *****es instead of vitamin pills which usually boost my energy.

F*CK i'm so ****ed. gonna work out in an hour after eating this meal.
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