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Default Re: Wlad/Vitali/Ring Champ

Originally Posted by Calabrese
Honestly, who gives a **** about loses? Let's wait and see until Chagaev has 50+ pro fights and see how many loses he has! this is boxing man - you can't win the all!
What do you mean who gives a **** about losses? Losses, especially to the degree of which Wladimir has in certain cases BLEMISH your resume. And ofcourse you can't win them all, but at this point and time Chagaev is undefeated. I can't tell you how many times I've seen people discredit Lewis for getting beaten by McCall and Rahman, so don't act like losses don't amount to anything. Be sensible.

Originally Posted by Calabrese
Ruslan went life and death with Virchis to a mixed decision win, then BARELY beat Ruiz in his own back yard (a split decision), then barely again with Valuev (a guy that deserved to LOSE to both Donald and Ruiz) - that's hardly dominant man! It's one thing if he dominated those three contenders and/or knocked them out - but he struggled against all three and those fights could have went either way. Those three wins (by the skin of his teeth mind you) absolutely DO NOT compare to Wlad's accomplishments over the past DECADE!
I disagree. Chagaev clearly won the Valuev/Ruiz fights. Yes, Valuev had fights that could've gone either way, but Chagaev defeated him clearly enough to actually be AWARDED the win. And yes, I am comparing them, because quite frankly the fact that Wladimir has only been around longer than Chagaev is not enough for me to say that his resume is better.
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