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Default Re: How good was Dempsey's title reign?

Originally Posted by Cmoyle View Post
My only interest was pertaining to the comment about fixed Miske fights, nothing else. Here's some dope on the Brennan - Miske fight:

"Billy hurt Brennan with right and left punches to the jaw early in the second round, and then chose to coast the rest of the way, clinching often, and using his shoulder to push Brennan away. He won this round as well. After the round, the referee, Leo Shea, went to Brennan’s corner and warned him to put forth more effort.
The referee’s warning seemed to have the desired effect on Brennan, as he became the aggressor in the beginning of the third round, landing a number of blows to Billy’s head. Billy covered up and clinched. When they were separated, Billy hurt Brennan with a hard left to the mouth. He rushed in and landed a series of lighter punches and Brennan fell to the canvas, rolling just outside the ropes. He rolled back inside the ring, and was attempting to rise as the referee’s count reached five, when the bell rang to end the round, saving him from a possible knockout.
Brennan’s seconds rushed into the ring and lifted him to his feet. He started after Miske, apparently unaware the round had ended, but his aides grabbed him and directed him toward his corner. As he turned he saw the referee, Shea, and shouted at him: “You hit me! What did you hold my hand for?
Shea walked toward Brennan’s corner and replied, “You’re crazy, sap, I wasn’t near you at all!”
When the bell rang to start the fourth round, Brennan appeared groggy as he left his corner to meet Billy. When the two men came together, Billy threw a big right that landed on Brennan’s jaw and he dropped like a rock. As Shea counted off the seconds, Brennan tried to rise, but he floundered about the floor, unable to regain the use of his legs.
At the count of ten, Billy, the referee, and others helped Brennan to his stool. Tommy Gibbons, who was in Omaha for a week’s engagement at the World Theater, and who arrived midway through the fight, stepped into the ring and congratulated Billy on his victory. Then he hurried over to Brennan’s corner.
“Can I help you any, Bill?” Tommy asked Brennan.
Brennan was still dazed and unable to answer at first. But then he opened his eyes and saw Tommy. “Tom, did you see that referee hold my arm? He held me and Miske socked me right on the button. I wasn’t right after that!”
Gibbons helped apply cold cloths to Brennan’s head and then helped him out of the ring.
After the fight, Tommy told reporters he had been late in arriving, and had only witnessed the last half of the third round, and what little there was of the fourth and final round.
“There was no fake about the knockout,” said Tommy. “Brennan was hurt. What went on before I got there, of course, I cannot comment on. But Brennan was really hurt when I saw him. I’ve fought Miske five times and I’ve always had a lot of respect for his punching ability. Billy can sock!”

Most of this came from following source: Omaha World-Herald. 5,000 Fans Razz Terrible Fiasco, November 8, 1923.

Brennan obviously performed very poorly, but I don't believe it was a fix.
Thanks Cm for this info. Appreciate this
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