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Default Re: How long would it take (to train at boxing) and be able to defend yourself?

Originally Posted by bballchump11 View Post
Uh how big are you?

Originally Posted by KillSomething View Post
Or stop asking for fights. No offense, but from your inclusion of the word '****phobic' I assume you're a flaming *******ual. That's cool. I have friends who are gay, but they don't run around asking for trouble by wearing it on their sleeve, because they know the area we live in. I thoroughly enjoy girls, but if I'm in a place where 95% of the population is gay and 10% of them are 'heterophobic' and possibly armed, I'm not running around wearing my "I LOVE PUTTING MY **** IN WOMEN" shirt.
You seem to know me pretty well for having never met me

I don't wear anything on my sleeve. All of the fights I've been in were because some idiot put 2 and 2 together and felt he needed to stand up for his "manhood". But here's a better question, who cares if someone "wears" their *******uality on their sleeve (whatever the hell that's suppose to mean), does that give you a right to harass them either verbally or physically? I don't get offended when I see a 5'8" white kid with a do-rag acting like he grew up in the slums off 8-mile.

3 fights in 4 months and you don't even know how to fight? Maybe you should direct your energies at avoiding fights in the first place...

I can fight, just not well. Simply getting into fights isn't going to make you a good fighter, the same way moving chess pieces randomly on a chessboard isn't going to make you a grandmaster.

Originally Posted by dangerousity View Post
Depends on size/experience/natural skills of your opponent. All things being equal, ie a exact replica of you, 3 months of training should completely separate both of you. If they have a huge size advantage, very athletic, strong and plenty of fighting exp then you will probably have to be pretty good, and may have to rely on more than just your boxing.

IMO by 1 year with plenty of sparring to get used to punches being thrown at you, good fitness, overall strength and powerful accurate punches, most people should be capable of dropping your average joe fairly easily. Its the streets though, you never know what their gonna pull of who they are.
Awesome, this is what I was looking for. I'm going to head over to my local boxing club tomorrow and I'll post what I find out.
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