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Default Re: How long would it take (to train at boxing) and be able to defend yourself?

Of course walking away is the correct answer, but in these cases I chose not to (an example you'll see when I respond to viru§)
Proving my point about you trying to prove your manhood...

I ignored your previous post because it made no sense, completely discrediting the fact that being a good boxer can make you a good fighter, at least that's what various professional fighters have said (but what do they know?)
Being a good boxer makes you a good boxer, not a fighter. The chance of you landing a decnt shot is slim. Most street fights end up on the floor or in some sort of grapple.

Here's what happened during the last fight I was in.

Me and 4 of my friends (two girls, two guys) were in a 'pizza pizza' (it's like Little Caesars but Canadian) and we're minding our own business, just talking to eachother. So some idiot yells from across the restaurant "Keep it down ***gots" over and over again...the two guys working there at the time did nothing, but neither did we...we kept talking (ignoring him) and minding our own business. So he walks up to our table by himself, clearly trying to impress his girlfriend and his 2 friends at the other table, and tells us "why do you keep looking at my table" (mind you NO ONE was looking at him EXCEPT when he told us to "keep it down"), he was just trying to instigate something.

So I respond:
"excuse me?"
"I told you to shut the **** up why won't you shut the **** up?"
"I heard you, I just didn't care"
"get the **** out of here *****"
"umm, no, we're good"

So he grabs the plastic plate my pizza is on and slides it off the table, then I grabbed my drink and threw it in his face. Then we started fighting, cops were called, we were both told to leave and go our separate ways.

Could I have simply left the restaurant after he threw my pizza on the ground? Sure, but I chose not to.
No. You should have left when he started shouting **** at you across the restaurant. How did you think it was going to end? You thought it would esculate to a fight, so you stayed. Infact, you instigated the fight.

It seems you cause the fights. Stop being so immature and these things won't happen. Problem solved.
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