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Default Re: How long would it take (to train at boxing) and be able to defend yourself?

Originally Posted by viru§™ View Post
Thing is a fight is started by both people, so you were trying to prove your "manhood" too. If a guy comes up and punches you and you fight back, that's self defence, completely different to a fight. If you get yourself into a fight, like you said you have and you don't even know how to defend yourself or attack you deserve to get beat. Killsomething is saying you have the option to walk away, you choose not to and start or force a fight instead. That in itself is the wrong way to go.

Like I said in an earlier post (which you chose to completely ignore, even though it's the most realistic answer to your question) boxing is not for self defence, Krav Maga is. Why people are saying after x amount of months you'll be able to defend yourself I don't know, it's complete bull****. It always comes down to the practitioner, you can't put a timeline on an individual's progression. This is why I'm saying do a martial art which is aimed exactly at what you need to learn. Although I'm sure you'll ignore this post to as it isn't what you want to hear, but realities a *****.
Disagree. From experience, people who take up combat sports are a lot more able to defend themselves than people who take "Martial Arts" which is supposudly for self defense. Just like wrestling is an olympic sport but if you are able to throw down someone twice your size, it is obviously an advantage. That's all self defense is, no one is saying after x amount of months you can beat this guy, it just gives you an advantage over another version of you who may not have taken up that art.

The reason why combat sports in particular are better for self defense in the streets is because of the contact aspect of it. Wrestlers wrestle, boxers box, mma fighters fight/spar etc. When you learn martial arts like karate or taek kwon do, its all fancy theory which has not been put into practice. Its like learning to throw a jab but never really have thrown a jab at a real person.

The army uses krav maga but they actually have real combat experience, I doubt you will get real combat experience in your average mc dojo.

I've seen national taek kwon do guys get bullied at school. Karate guys who cant fight at all. On the other hand I've routinely seen boxers knock out guys in street fights.

UFC is actually a good indication of what art actually works or not in combat, of course the rules have been altered overtime but we see that boxing, kickboxing, wrestling and ground grappling are the essentials to gain a good advantage in 1 on 1 combat.

Now you can add kicking in ***** and other dirty tactics but IMO when people wanna learn self defense, its not literally self defense...if thats the case, carry a gun...people ask this question so they can learn to fight so they can beat the other guy and keep their pride intact. You may say walk away but hey, everyone has different mindsets.
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