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Default Re: How long would it take (to train at boxing) and be able to defend yourself?

Originally Posted by viru§™ View Post
Proving my point about you trying to prove your manhood...
I guess we'll agree to call it "proving your mahood" and I call it "defending your dignity"

No. You should have left when he started shouting **** at you across the restaurant. How did you think it was going to end? You thought it would esculate to a fight, so you stayed. Infact, you instigated the fight.
So your logic is as follows; if someone screams at you in a public setting, such as a restaurant, you immediately leave? So my friends and I were suppose to do what exactly, take our food and eat outside? Don't take this the wrong way, but if you want to be an animal who's shoo'ed out of every public place then by all means be one, I choose not to.

Originally Posted by KillSomething View Post
Ima break this down for you Barney style.

There are certain gay people that you would only know were gay if you witnessed them buttsecksing a dude.

There are some gay people who WALK gay, TALK gay, make gay hand motions, PDA their boyfriend in public, and generally have an air of *******uality about them.
That's nice, glad you seem to notice them

Idk which type you are. But if you're the second and it's getting you beaten up, there's no harm in acting a little less gay. It makes sense.
Great advice man, the intellect just seeps through..."act less gay" - one could argue that your posts before had some merit, but once you to steep to this level you sound like, well, an idiot (no offense)

There's nothing to argue about here. If it's acting gay that's getting you beaten up, act less gay until you learn to defend yourself. Easy. You know how many fights I've gotten into for being gay? 0. Because I'm not gay and don't pretend to be.
This may be hard for you to believe (so brace yourself!), but have you entertained the fact that those people "acting gay" are probably NOT acting? I know! Impossible, right!? I mean, with all the gay people that fit your stereotypical view, we'll assume millions, do you really believe we're part of a conspiracy that perpetuates an "act"? Do you think black people who play basketball are acting black? Or Jewish people that become lawyerss are acting like a bunch of Jews?

I really hope that you never have a gay son, especially one who gets bullied, because I'd feel pretty sorry for a child who has to go home only to be told by his father "...well maybe if you didn't act so gay"

Okay, so now you confirm what a few of us have been saying. You didn't have to get in that fight at all. There's a hundred ways you could have avoided that. All of them would have led to the other guy looking stupid and everyone laughing at him. Instead, you made an ass out of yourself and needlessly endangered yourself AND your friends.
OK, let's play a game called 'What would you do?"

You're sitting a table with your friends enjoying a meal, I walk up to your table and tell you to "Get the **** out", what is your response?

No offense, but you really don't sound like you understand people and the way they can behave.
Well coming from you, I assure you there was no offense taken
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