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Default Re: Pentagram choke video

Originally Posted by Koa
Thing is the person being choked would have to roll to the side where the hook is still in, if the arm is held on the opposite side this isn't easy, depending on how far back the arm is held.. Once you start leaning back you have the arm effectively isolated.. If you try rolling the other way it all depends on your ability to roll out of that hook thats still holding say the left leg down.. You try rolling right your leg is till hooked, you roll left your arm is chicken winged already.. The effective counter is simply forcing your own left arm foward, but that leaves you open to a regular rear naked choke..

I guess it would depend on how strong the opponent is, it all depends on controlling the arm imo. Also if you do roll over you might be rolling right in to a regular triangle choke.. Very interesting. I would rather counter it personally by keeping my left arm in front of me. You can over power that way since its one arm vs one arm. Very hard to control.
Yes, of course you would be rolling into your opponent, towards the arm that they have wrist control of. Wouldn't make sense to roll to the other side, as there is a hook in, and it would be easy for your opponent to roll with you. However if you roll into the side with wrist control, and sweep your free arm under his leg that he is lifting, then you could easily roll, shuck the leg by, and you would be on top in side mount. At the very worst, you would end up in their guard. You wouldn't get caught in a triangle unless you waited for him to bring up his other leg and lock it into position, or unless you rolled in lazy fashion and lingered in the bad position.
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