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Default Re: gain muscle, keep fat off

Originally Posted by SILVIO_DANTE View Post
100g protein and 100g carbs? are you serious?
800 cals extra a day from good sources, should put on some weight with that, if not, eat more

Originally Posted by furor celtica View Post
I have no idea what makes 100g protein and 100g carbs but it doesn't sound like a lot. I never really had a problem with gaining too much weight though, and I'm already eating a comfortable amount per day so I'll just force in a bit more and see what happens.
I'm already going to cut down my running to 10k per week and put in more interval training. I also skip occasionally but not so much since it stopped being difficult.
half a pound of chicken, 3 tins of tuna, that sort of thing. 100g carbs should be easy, look on the back of stuff. 300g of pasta, 2 cups of it, is 100g carbs.

100 is just a ballpark number to get you started, you might see improvement with less, or need more, just need to do whatever you decide to do consistently and see the results after a couple of weeks, nothing instant.
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