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Default weight lifting...why such different views on it in boxing???????

this topic has always interested me?

i have boxed for many years and also grappled
this resulted in a few very bad injuries.....i did not lift weights then

about a year and a half ago i started to lift weights a lot
and my body's recovery and all over well being is WAY better....

interesting why it is a big question/former taboo in boxing....

most boxers in europe(poland to portugal) that i met or watched lift weights, to varied degrees and time spent.

in russia and fromer ussr...some boxers do and some dont...
but even in old time times there doing some types of lifting usually not heavy.

latina ameria, some boxers do and others dont, some coaches say its good others say its not.....some coaches will say you should only lift if your a bigger fighter like say over 147 or whatever....
that the little guys need more speed then more...
again an odd argument

in the usa, most lift but not all.

this is from knowlege

nacho beristain for a fact does not like his guys to lift weights but doesnt really go crazy if they do....a kind of its up to you attuide

uri wegner for example, thinks weight lifting is good for you and helps alot.

interesting enough
a lot of european-german boxers like abraham and strum etc
do seem stiff or more stiffer then latin's or americans
but then again they hardly ever get ko'd


also odd is that whenever people mention weightlifting
people will say "ohh to many guys guys focus on that instead
of techique, i dont know what one has to do with the other lol

one good example i will bring up for weight lifting is that it can help prevent brain damage from boxing....

example, you make your neck-shoulders area stronger, this helps
absorb impact,

maybe this is one of the reasons many older fighters got brain damage

check george chuvalo talk

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