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Default Re: weight lifting...why such different views on it in boxing???????

Originally Posted by Bazooka View Post
The old timers would tell ya, that it makes you too stiff, example. When doing sets of curls, do you ever notice how your arms swell up and get tight?

Now when you add that to your training, then go in to fight, as soon as you start moving them hands and throwing shots, your arms tighten up like that, which often can leave you to not bringing your hand back up all the way cus that arm is sort of pumped, in addition with your arm swelling up like that, it does slow you down...

But some fighters manage lifting so I really dont know... what I can tell you is my experience, we were never to do curls and such, just squats and bench pressing everything else came from Floor work, dips sit ups etc...

i know the argument well and here is a harsh argument against

ofcourse you dont box right after doing arms, this is not prove anything
in fact in weight lifting doing your arms is the least important thing there is....
most people who focus alot of arms are doing it more for looks

now speaking of these wise old timers,

these are the same guys whose big bad heavyweights look like small middleweights and have skinny ass legs and necks.....right???????

i love boxing history but sometimes just like you have to question the
wisdom of modern boxers,
you have question the old timers too

but back to the whole stiffness thing right after lifting weights
you do know that it takes like
24 hours for the latic acid go away fully right?
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