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Default Re: weight lifting...why such different views on it in boxing???????

Originally Posted by highguard View Post
hmm well
whole method of lifting heavy weights and getting cold between sets
can lead to a lot of injuries

this is why guys do sets
2 heavier
3 heaviest
4 back to light or even heavy depending of your goals

but the tested system is there to prevent injuries

and if you lift proper it actually helps the joints
and if you talk about old bodybulders,
well not discuss old boxers many of whom like have the fat roberto duran look going for them hahaha

also mma guys some are slow and some are not,
also just guys the punches slow does not mean he slow in general

example a lot of guys who wrestle punch slow
but when it comes to grabbing, they are as fast as a cat

Well, if that works for you that's fine, but I haven't seen that to be trye. Not saying I have the answer, but I don't see what you are saying.

The whole story is that you have to be strong first, then powerful. Being powerful is the whole point for boxing, IMO and having the endurance to stay powerful throughout the fight. So for a boxer, absolute strength 1-5reps makes you stronger, once you have reached your goal in strength, you skip to endurance work. 15+ reps with very little rest, to increase the myoglobin and the glycogen stores in your body.

Staying away from 6-12 reps all together unless you want to raise your weight class, which usually means you are slower in most cases.

Again, I ain't saying this is the law or anything, but all the overly muscled out dudes I have boxed with get too tired. I feel this is because they are doing the old school bodybuilding stuff like I mentioned before.
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