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Default Re: weight lifting...why such different views on it in boxing???????

It seems to me that strength and conditioning practices are moving forward at tremendous rate. Particuarly, MMA coaches have show willingness to learn from athletes from others sports and seem open to try anything that could improve the performance of their althletes. 100m sprinters and NBA players are also benefiting from more scientific athletic training. (including both heavy and light resistance training)

Boxing, however, is a sport steeped in history and tradition with many fighters and trainers alike, staying loyal to old-school methods and remaining fearfull of resistance training. This is not a suprise considering that early weight training techniques that boxers had adopted were largely borrowed from bodybuilding. Boxers would lift heavy loads at a slow velocity. This is not going to produce good results for a fighter.

A more suitable program would consist of lifting medium-heavy loads and lighters loads but focusing on the velocity of the movement as opposed to the actual amount of resistance.

I feel boxing is becoming left behind in terms of producing the best possible athletes, and this may possibly be because of its unwillingness to welcome change.
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