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Default Diet-Watch!

Okay, here is my situation:

I run relatively regularly (usually around 3-4 times a week), occasionally have boxing workouts and football sessions and am generally fit.

I am 20, weigh 11 stone 8 and am 5 ft 10 tall, I am generally happy with the way I look, however...

My issue is eating. I tend to binge at night, often offsetting the good work done before. I usually go for: toast, sandwiches, cereal bars, crisps, biscuits. I don't know or care what the reason for this is, because I know I shouldn't do it and can stop it.

Anyway, the aim of this blog is to make me get my ass back in gear, get my food habits in check and perhaps lose a little weight along the way, through posting my diet and fitness work regularly.

I aim to run 4 times a week with a boxing/football session thrown in. I also want to work on my abs, do sit-ups/crunches daily and do this whilst scaling back my frankly appalling eating habits. I want to increase my fruit intake and lay off the snacks. Basically, my current regime (+ abwork) minus diet issues.

Anyway, all verbal ass-kicking and personal advice is welcome, I hope to update you all of my positive progress tomorrow.
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