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Default Re: weight lifting...why such different views on it in boxing???????

Originally Posted by Ylem View Post
thats why body weight exercises like push ups and pull ups have allways been a part of boxing? because weights are evil? and coaches are ignorant? even though coaches will have you use the weight of your body to train? thats why coaches will have you throw around the weight of a medicing ball? is that why jim jeffries jack dempsey and more would do plyometrics with medicine *****?
This is all true, you use your bodyweight as resistance while doing bodyweight training. Technically this is weight training, I have no argument against that. But you say that to a boxing coach and say weight training is the same movement but with added weight and they'll call you an idiot. They're fine doing bodyweight squats but as soon as you add more weight it'll make you slower and decrease your boxing skill. Medicine ball training is weight training, they see it differently.

because coaches view weights as evil and they are the ignorant ones...
Yes. Most boxing coaches are ignorant idiots when it comes to weight training.
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