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Default Starting boxing in September

Hey guys,

I'm pretty out of shape, I'm a 24 year old around 5'7", kind of a short, stocky build and weight fluctuates between 11st 10lbs to 12st 3lbs. I used to be relatively active until I was about 20, running, skateboarding and swimming etc but lost interest in all of them and boxing is the only sport I follow.

I did a session with the boxing society at the university I go to and loved it, and was taught the basic stance and how to throw the jab, straight right.

My question is, is there anything I can learn while I wait for term to start back up? I'm very keen in the technical side, but I am skeptical of learning from youtube videos as they tend to get bad press. I want no bad habits.

Any advice/videos you could send me my way would be much appreciated for a keen new learner.


(p.s. unfortunately there is no gym anywhere near where i live)
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