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Default Re: Where to jab with the 1-2

Originally Posted by BoxinScienceUSA View Post
it sounds to me that you think boxing is easier than it is. it's a chess match. everyone knows ther's a 2 coming after the 1, and how do i still score? and that's the trick and skill to boxing. how do i create the opening to score? and the scoring shots may not happen that early in the combination. you may have to throw 3-5 shots before you create an opportunity to land a clean shot. you may have to go to the body then back to the head. if their guard is coming to the center then they may be open for hooks. be persistant and keep throwing combinations.

as far as the jab, put it all over the place; eyes, nose, throat, mouth, left eye, right eye, wrists and hands (yes place your jab directly into his hand. let him think he's blocking but really you're lulling him into the illusion, then BOOM, drop the right hand bomb straight down on his open target).
... Straight punches, don't telegraph, be real quick. Try throwing a jab, Jab, one two, one two. All to the head. This should work most of the time, especially with novices.
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